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January 25, 2017

The Jets New Offensive Coordinator Should Be Joe Moorhead

The Jets should consider hiring Joe Moorhead as their next offensive coordinator.  Moorhead has been the offensive coordinator at Penn State for the past year.  I believe much of their success last season should be attributed to the addition of Moorhead.  I heard one talent evaluator accuse Penn State’s head coach James Franklin of coaching malpractice for Christian Hackenburg’s regression from his first year starting at Penn State.  In 2015, Penn State ranked 73rd in the nation in Passing S&P.  In 2016, they were ranked an amazing 3rd in the nation!  Did James Franklin suddenly learn how to coach better or did he make a fantastic hire in Joe Moorhead?  Clearly I believe the latter.

Before Moorhead accepted the OC post at Penn State, he was the head coach for the Fordham Rams for four years from 2012-2015.  As a former QB for the Rams, he inherited a 1-10 team and in just his first year, he turned them into winners going 6-5.  In 2013, they opened the season with 10 consecutive wins and made the playoffs in his final three years as HC of the Rams.  Prior to Moorhead’s tenure, the Rams had only made the playoffs twice in school history since the inception of I-AA/FCS playoffs in 1978.

Moorhead is 43 years old and, while he has no NFL experience, I believe he’s worth bringing in.  He’s proven he can win and win quickly.  The Jets have been getting their share of shunning by the NFL’s established talent pool.  I think the Jets should thumb their nose at that “talent” pool and find someone in the college ranks that hasn’t yet proven they know how to lose.  I think Joe Moorhead is as good a candidate as I’ve seen and I’d love to see him on the Jets’ sideline next year.  What do you think?