Nnamdi – He Chose… Poorly

Well, now that it the Jets’ offer has been made public (3 years, $30M), it is a little clearer why Nnamdi chose the Eagles but I still think he chose poorly.  If it was just about the money, he shouldn’t have voided the remainder of his contract with the Raiders.  In the tradition of Rex, I certainly don’t wish Nnamdi well but I hope he stays healthy.  I also feel that we are very fortunate to have signed Cro.  We have FIVE starting-caliber corners on the roster!  Can’t Wait! (bill me for that one Bart)


2 Comments to “Nnamdi – He Chose… Poorly”

  1. I love that scene.

    As far as Nnamdi voiding the agreement with the Raiders, I don’t think he could have stayed there for that money. I think the Raiders voided the contract. (or at least would have torn up the contract)

    As fans, I think we get annoyed when it looks like players make decisions based on the ‘all about the money’ principle. However, if we were in his shoes, it would be hard to turn down millions of dollars just to work for one company versus another. Besides, there is a lot of positive buzz right now with the Eagles, so one could argue that dollars being equal, the Eagles represent the better shot of going to the Super Bowl. (although, that hype is not entirely deserved. Of all the moves that the Eagles made, adding Nnamdi was not the most impactful. I think adding Ronnie Brown is the difference maker. He can do everything including throwing, blocking, catching, running. Pair him up with Vick and that could be exciting)

  2. DQ – thanks for the comment. The contract was voided because Nnamdi did not reach certain incentives but there was talk early on that the Raiders wanted him back and might be willing to pay even more than his original contract.

    With the brief nature of an NFL athlete, I rarely begrudge a player for taking more money elsewhere. I think however in Nnamdi’s case, he should have looked beyond the numbers on his contract. Per my previous post on why he should choose the Jets, I think he could have more than made up the delta between the values of the Eagles and Jets contracts with endorsements. By paring with Revis to form the best cornerback tandem in NFL history and playing for a coach that gets more out of his cornerbacks than anyone else, in the largest market, I’m confident that Revis and Nnamdi would become an instant marketing juggernaut. Plus, imagine his long-term marketability in NY if he were to bring a Lombardi home. This town still worships Joe Willie and he won his over 4 decades ago.

    The Eagles are certainly a legitimate contender and have the benefit of not having to go through New England to win their division. They have added a lot of talent to their roster but I disagree about the impact of Ronnie Brown. I think Nnamdi will have significantly more impact. So will folks like DRC and Jenkins. Running backs have become a commodity in the NFL as evidenced by where they’ve been taken in the draft recently. Outside of a few backs like AD and CJ, there is very little difference in talent. When you look at the 7th most productive RB last year, Rashard Mendenhall vs the 37th most productive, Michael Bush, there’s not much difference in talent (just opportunity). Bush actually averaged more per rush than Mendenhall (4.1 yards per carry vs 3.9 yards). Ronnie Brown, while versatile, is far from elite. In his previous 6 seasons, he only went over a 1,000 yards once (and that was only by 8 yards in 2006) and he is coming off a season where he only had 2 more TD’s than fumbles and averaged only 3.7 yards a carry (versus 4.4 yards per carry in the previous season). Brown is little more that a serviceable RB with some added versatility. It’s hard to believe that a team in desperate need of talent like the Dolphins would let him go if they thought he had any magic left. Then again, this is also the team that is entrusting it’s franchise to Chad Henne so who knows.

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