The New York Jets Cap

Here are some reasons why the Jets went from a team considered to be over the cap to a team that could land the best offensive AND defensive free agents of 2011:

    • The so called, ‘dead money‘ will not count against the cap bring the Jets from one of the teams thought to be over the cap to being $7.8 million under the cap.
    • long-term deal with David Harris would likely free up more cap space as his current full franchise tender amount counts $10.2 million against the cap.
    • Only $2.5 million of Santonio Holmes‘ $50 million contract counts toward this year’s cap.
    • The willingness of Jets players such as Mark Sanchez to restructure their deals to make more cap room.

2 Responses to “The New York Jets Cap”

  1. Its hard to imagine that the Jets could add NNanndie Asummunngununa (i may have mispelled his name). It seemed like they would be lucky to simply retain SOME of their free agents. I had resigned myself to the fact that the Jets would be less talented this year than last year. (with the exception of Sanchez and the younger players that will improve their own talent level)

    My ray of hope is Mike Tannenbaum. That sob can work a cap. Rex and he have shown an ability to ‘get their guy’ so hopefully they can get Nnandi and another top tier WR.

    Exciting times!


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